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I haven't cut myself in about 10-11 years... Well I guess I can't say that now.

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I Fake A Smile And Pretend Everything Is Okay

Honestly, pretending to be happy is so hard and it takes all of my energy. My problem though is I can't be sad around friends and family because I don't want to have to explain why I'm sad. It's too... [more]
margaret707 has shared 13 Mature Experiences
  • I Lost My Virginity At 14

    Party When I was 14 everyone in my school had a boyfriend.. Except me. I just told myself that they just weren't good enough for me (totally not true). I was invited to this big party by this girl who was k… [more]
  • I Was Raped and Feel Scared All the Time

    It's true. Judge me for it, I don't care. People don't realize how horrible it is mentally. It changed everything in your life. I couldn't sleep for months, I hope no one ever has to go through it, an… [more]
  • I Want You to Ask Me Some Questions

    Ask Me I'll seriously answer anything.. Just ask! If you don't want to ask you just need someone to listen I can! :)… [more]
  • I Am Stronger Because of All I've Been Through

    Daddy I still remember sitting at the top of the stairs with my older brother and little sister. We did this a lot, listening to our parents fight in the room next door. I (at 8 years old) was home a… [more]