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Lol awko taco. Im Maria I play ps3 and create dubstep. Kaythanksbye.

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Odd One - Sick Puppies I am just in love with this song. [more]
  • I Want a Tattoo

    When I Am Older I can't get a tattoo seeing that I am underage, but I do want one when I am older. I don't want anything dumb though, I want something meaningful. What I want is a small infinity sign on… [more]
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    I wish.
    I wish I could be one of the pretty girls that everyone always talks to and loves.I wish I could change so many things about myself.I wish I could stand up to the people who put me down.I wish I could play sports and dance, easily.I wish I could make people stop bullying me.I wish I could change, and not be so different.I wish I could look like my few friends.But I can't.I need to accept the fact that not all my wishes will come true.And if I cant do that, Well then Im screwed.… [more]
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    I cut myself.
    Hi, My name is Maria. Im 13. Your probably wondering why a 13 year old  is on here. I have my reasons so dont judge me.   A couple years ago I was bullied about my weight, my looks, my heritage *Im Guatemalan*. I felt like I wasn't worth it, and I still dont. This caused me to be bulimic. Of course, Bulimia did not help. I remained overweight, and this caused me to be depressed, seeing as I was still getting bullied. When I was 12 the bullying stopped, and I thought it would be alright, even though I still had a mild case of bulimia. My so called "friends" found out about my bulimia, and I now get bullied for that. I started cutting this year due to that, and; Some of my family is telling… [more]