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im 20 yrs old i work at bk and im a very loving and caring person i treat ppl how i like to b treated . wish i got the same from others .

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Rememberr When there is no light at the end of the tunnel remember that not all tunnels are straight and the light is around the corner which you have yet to turn. [more]
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    Life If life is a highway, I wish someone would finish with the construction already. I'm tired of the detours, road blocks, and pot holes.… [more]
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    in tears
    me: babe why didnt u get me n e thing for vday ? i dont care really but a card would have been nice to show u were thinkin about me.him: i always gotta spend money on u huh..!wow he never spends money on me only for fast food reallly!!!… [more]
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    heart broken
    so my boyfriend didnt get me n thing for vday not even happy vday. nothin. i got him stuff and he didnt even take the time to read or look at it.i felt like ****. it feels like he dont love me n e more. its not that he didnt get me n e thing its the way he was acting all night .. we went out to eat but i had to ask if we can go and he didnt really want to but he did n e ways. we ate then left right away didnt even talk much .i love him so much he is my first love since i was 13. and im 20 now.shold i just leave him cuz he has been acting very odd and is not showing no effort or n e thing. i think im wasting my timee… [more]
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    grrr =[
    im not really to existed about vday this year even tho i have a bf..i dont kno what it is i just dont feel like he has the same feelings for me. so im not going to put an effort into it. … [more]
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    why do ppl forget about the 1 person that was there 4 them when they needed it, then as soon as someone new comes u get forgotten or ignored... it's GREAT!… [more]