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I Miss Him

I Miss Israel Macias So Much? :( I sometimes wonder to myself if. I really wanted to be in a. Military Relationship and even though we're so far apart that. I'm such a caring and wonderful girlfriend to him all the time. I miss him... [more]
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  • I Am Here If You Ever Need a Friend to Talk to

    I Wish My Boyfriend Wouldn't Judge Me? I've Got Feelings That Have Been Damaged :-( I have a wonderful boyfriend that won't work out our issues and problems with me and. I'm trying to do everything good for him as much as. I possibly can and he is really making it difficult for me as… [more]
  • I Miss Him

    I Miss Him So Much I Cry At Night And In The Morning As Well? :( I 've been missing him so much that. I can't think about my life and. I can't get past him at all maybe. I chose to not live my life without him in it. I'm beside myself about everything and. I hate h… [more]
  • I Don't Care About Distance I Just Care About You

    I Love My Boyfriend Israel Macias Even Though Were 636 Miles Apart? :-)  I don't care that we are far apart from eachother. It's no… [more]
  • I Know He Is the One For Me

    I Know He's The Only Man For Me =) I am for sure that he's the only man for me. I'm so happy that it is wonderful all the time and. I couldn't have asked for someone else in his place not now or ever he's such a unique person with a go… [more]
  • Revenge Confessions

    Angela Confesses To Being Ugly To calling Her Man Some Mean And Hateful Names. :-(
    I must confess to recently being ugly and mean name calling my wonderful and handsome man. I feel really bad about calling him those names and now. I am really being harsh and resentful for it a really long time now and. I'm finding good ways to make it up to him and maybe. Israel Macias is starting to realize that it's the right and good way to do is forgive me about it all and. I've been missing him so much everyday for a really long time as well :-( and maybe he's seeing a change in me the same as well and they were not nice names at all but. I don't want to write them in this confession here but. I'll say this that it was wrong of me to call him those hateful rude mean and snide remarks … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I must confess and yes. I'm still in love with. Israel Macias he's my life.
    I have put my trust in his hands and it's so great that. I believe in him and everything good about him he is everything that. I see in a genuine and wonderful man as he is. I truly am willing and ready to commit to him and yeah. I'm a great woman that does support him in what he does for his. Country he's a hard working man that is really amazing at what he does for a living he's a brave. US Air Force Soldier with a good heart and a good head on his shoulders and. I'm lucky to be that supportive and kind hearted woman as well.… [more]