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I Have a Confession

I must confess to recently being ugly and mean name calling my wonderful and handsome man. I feel really bad about calling him those names and now. I am really being harsh and resentful for it a... [more]
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  • I Am Here If You Ever Need a Friend to Talk to

    I Wish My Boyfriend Wouldn't Judge Me? I've Got Feelings That Have Been Damaged :-( I have a wonderful boyfriend that won't work out our issues and problems with me and. I'm trying to do everything good for him as much as. I possibly can and he is really making it difficult for me as… [more]
  • I Miss Him

    I Miss Him So Much I Cry At Night And In The Morning As Well? :( I 've been missing him so much that. I can't think about my life and. I can't get past him at all maybe. I chose to not live my life without him in it. I'm beside myself about everything and. I hate h… [more]
  • I Don't Care About Distance I Just Care About You

    I Love My Boyfriend Israel Macias Even Though Were 636 Miles Apart? :-)  I don't care that we are far apart from eachother. It's no… [more]
  • I Know He Is the One For Me

    I Know He's The Only Man For Me =) I am for sure that he's the only man for me. I'm so happy that it is wonderful all the time and. I couldn't have asked for someone else in his place not now or ever he's such a unique person with a go… [more]