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I Love Anime and Game Music

Yes I still have some rock and metal on my I-pod. There's some old school rap as well. I also have very random popular songs but the majority of my I-pod is filled with anime and game ost's. [more]
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  • I Have Weird Dreams

    Tremors? Last month I had a dream that I was fighting of these weird bug things with lasers I could fire only out of my right hand. After a long battle I felt the ground shake from under me and than a big whal… [more]
  • I Heart Super Mario Brothers

    Giving Something A Fair Chance I am so loyal to the Mario series that it's not even funny. Part of the charm to the Mario games is that they innovate and introduce new ideas to keep each installment satisfying. That's why I am actu… [more]
  • I The PK Thunder Group

    The Best Of The Best After playing through Earthbound and the English patch for Mother 3, I have to say that I absolutely love these games. Mr. Saturn, pig armies, piles of puke, yo-yos, and vicious hippies! I can think o… [more]
  • I Played Conkers Bad Fur Day On N64

    Conker The King This is by far the best M-rated game I've played and still play from time to time. … [more]