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I Love Walking Around the House Naked

Nudity (Hymen Exploration) Nudity in my house was limited to the upstairs ,when my brother was gone. Dad never cared much or didn't give a look if be did care. Often to avoid wetting my pants I Ran in the bathroom even when dad... [more]
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  • I Love Walking Around the House Naked

    Loosing My Virginity In Amish Country This is a story of reality in real Amish Country written by Mr BHM. This was about his escape from his parents and his wedding night . I drove hours to see the house and the town and it truly was th… [more]
  • I Love

    Irma Tells Of Her First Times (Pre-Teen Sex) My brothers wife Irma reads the youngest parents of all time were 8 and 9. What are you kidding we say. From china land of a billion people. That's just wrong we all say. She said she wa… [more]
  • I Am Not Ashamed To Say I Love Being Naked

    My Granddaughter Asked Me "Why Can't We Always Be Naked"? Grandma Why Can't We Always Be Naked? Cops were at the door today. Can I come in he said to my husband . Why NO What do you want? Your cat bit the neighbor kid . I need to file a report. … [more]
  • I Love Walking Around the House Naked

    My Granddaughter Only 16 Shares Her First Experience. I was in the attic sorting my old stuff looking at old pictures when two of my grand kids came In down stairs in the bed room below me. The two cousins were very excited and I could hear every word cl… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I think My grand kids are all over sexed.
    My grand kids are over too much and they don't respect my rules. They are step grand kids but you understand. My 13 year old was about to penetrate his girlfriend in the living room. I was taking groceries out of the trunk. And I saw them through the front window curtains were open. I ran to stop him. He said but she wants me to. Later I found a blood stain on the white carpet in the east room. He said she was a virgin and he didn't know she would bleed. Little girls and boys are so fertile. Now I'm worried. Then he tells me he has been with lots of other girls and has never worn a condom. What do they teach kids nowadays?… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My first kiss
    I was lost. Not real lost when I was 8. This young boy found me in the park crying. So he just started talking to me to calm me down. I told him I wandered from the water fall and lost my parents. He was only 11 but lived close to the national park. He told me he knew where the waterfalls were and he would help me. He held my hand and we walked together. When we got to where I could see my parents by the car I was so relieved. I looked him in the eye and said thanks and he told me his name. I started leaving and he said wait . Don't I at least get a kiss. I blushed but felt I owed him something. I never kissed a boy I told him. I never kissed a boy either he said with a smile. That broke the… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My brother was the first to see me naked.
    I guess it was daddy who delivered me was the first to see me naked. He was only 17 when I was born. Then my brother who is younger was about 7 years old . He was just looking and I had my legs all spread out . He looked for a couple minutes and asked where my willy went and why did I lose it?… [more]