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Space? New Horizons. Philae. Need more space news. Because SPAAAAAACE!

Note: Will not be online from October 21 2014 to November 1 2014 due to academics being a priority focus.
You won't find a bigger nerd than me on EP. My thighs may not be powerful, but this organ within my head is. I've been given the gift of being statistically significantly intelligent, and I use that gift. I'll talk to you about most intellectual topics. I'm objectum-sexual, and I'm literally in love with my TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator. Yes, I'm serious. If I'm being facetious, I normally indicate such through obvious sarcasm or directly state the sarcasm. As my screen name suggests, I'm into fractals and other math things. I'm also into Tesla Coils, and other things. For those of you that doubt that I'm really the age that I display, please watch this YouTube video:

(This video was recorded on June 28, 2014)

Yes, that's me. Yes, I do seem older than I am. I seldom lie--really, the only things I do lie about is to my mom: "Yes, I finished my homework." and other benign things that would otherwise get me killed. I'm not an atheist, by literal definition. Instead, I regard a god as a possibility, but only in a philosophical sense of the possibility itself (and other philosophical cosmological topics of which are too complicated for the average EPer). But really, please do talk nerdy to me.

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Favorite Quote Reality is a story the mind tells itself--a truth so strange, it can only be lied into existence. And our minds can lie--never doubt it. [condensed]
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Movies BIG HERO 6!!! Oh, and Wall-E too. Inception is good.
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I Love Space

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