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I Invisibility Is No Fun

I add people on here or friend them or whatever it is you call it. Sometimes I get winners, most of the times I get less than such. I understand that life is hectic and all that but just trying to... [more]
MaverickDraco17 has shared 11 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Looking For a Relationship

    Looking For That Special Someone Well been looking for the right girl for quite a while. I'm a 20 year old straight male, looking for a decent girlfriend to talk to and enjoy their company. Needs to be kinky, sometimes down right hor… [more]
  • I Accept People As They Are

    I Prefer Explanations. I would rather be told if I did something wrong or was offensive than be blocked out right. I can't defend my side or ask why but it's ok.… [more]
  • I Am Stuck In The Friend Zone

    Pretty much with every girl I talk to, I get stuck in the friend zone by a week. I think I'm cursed:… [more]