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love to read, career driven, passionate, artful, movie and music lover. RVing, travel,

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I Love Listening to Music

There should be a lesson for me to learn. If you can't trust in love you will get nothing in return. Don't tell me it's wrong .When I see the right .I'll have my pride ,but I'd rather be with you... [more]
  • I Love Going For Long Drives to Nowhere

    When You Need To Relax And Your Day Is At Low.. On the  Lanai, you can see the sheer curtains swaying to the wind. Looking across the way, A babbling brook gurgles over the pebble rocks.So calm. So tranquil. A hand reaches out. A voice deeply say… [more]
  • I Looking Through The Window

    If Only It Was Just As Simple As This Choose the world you see and see the world you live in .Our joy comes from living our lives simply and gratefully.It is not suppose to be fair,but know the simple way that it is suppose to be. Demandi… [more]
  • I A Peaceful World

    Will There Be Peace In My Time We all have a purpose. That is what has been said, but do we always think that the next moment won't belong to us. How fortunate I am today for I have been given another day as a gift. Somewhere close… [more]
  • I Imagine As Strong As Ever

    I Am Blessed With Every Given Day When my mind and soul is hungry and thirsty. Feed them until the last moment. Quench that which finds the comradeship. The seeing, dreaming, thinking and laughing together , makes one feel that for th… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    How Do It Know!
    The weather was great last week . The warmth of the sun was amazing. I was in a new place thinking of thing to do since the weather is changing. Then there it goes. How does timing know ! I was having a beautiful morning .Out of the blue the  phone rings . Why must timing always start something with me. Now since I answered that call and I listened . I can't function when i am interupted. Get out of my mind .I want to go back and think about the warmth of the sun.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    On This Side Of the Road...
    I crossed over again.And I smile while I am across and I enjoy it  ,but then when I have to return I am so sad. Why can't I keep it together. Is It because I am .Today the sun is shining so brightly ,yet I see a cloudy day.  Will it ever be . I don't even know .I do know that for now this is not how I should . Let me be happy in knowing . I really want to be. The sun is shining to nicely not to be happy .Until the next time I cross....The road is waiting..… [more]