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I just love some of the questions and games that I am asked to take part in smile

older man with the mind inventiveness and energy of a young man but with the experience age brings lady friends only please old fashioned hetrosexual smile

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I Sharing Secrets

Sharing I don,t do men friends I have no interest in sharing secrets or anything else I have shared with my lady friends on E.P so please don,t ask get you,re kicks elsewhere.GENTLEMEN NEVER EVER TELL !!!! [more]
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    Discovering Female Exhibitionism I first discovered female exhibitionism when I used to babysit for a couple .I always had to go back the following day to be paid.Gwen was always partially clothed when I arrived,her handbag was alway… [more]
  • I Am a Female Exhibitionist

    Private Viewing it was lunchtime and we had a couple of hours to kill ,I had been coaching jaqui for a while we decided to go to the cinema.When we got in it was fairly empty we took our seats near the back ,as the f… [more]
  • I Am a Female Exhibitionist

    More About Susan After making susan raise her skirt and let me look at her I told her to go home and come back the next day but to be sure she wore stockings one of my loves I admit.The next night she arrived I answer… [more]
  • I Like Women Who Exhibit Themselves

    Train Ride I would be sat on the train in a carriage on my own,you would look in and think I was sleeping but I would have watched you get on.You would look closely and decide I was pretending to be asleep,you w… [more]