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I'm Grace.

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Favorite Quote 'There is no sign in the desert that says; Thou shalt not eat stones'- Subi Proverb
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Vices dafuq?
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Books Olives Ocean, Bridge To Teribithia, Because of Winn dixie, Bridges of Madison County
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I Battle Depression and Anxiety

Well... I just wish i could look forward to the future. Because im in such a dark place right now...i just need insight as to how to keep going. [more]
  • I Want To Be Put In Stocks And Tickled

    Hmm. So im really wondering why people like to get i hate getting tickled. And it seems so many people on here find it a turn on....… [more]
  • I Need to Feel Desired

    Me I just personally want to feel wanted. I want to feel beautiful, validated, and needed.… [more]
  • I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish

    Ticklish Spots: Feet, sides, and armpit region.… [more]
  • I Grew Up Too Fast

    Growing Up. I think everyone can agree on this one, Missing your childhood because it lacked worry. I just miss being able to just relax and being able to be more in the moment. Now i have to focus on… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    You know...i used to think people on here were nice or whatever..and not i realize most people on here are dicks...… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    i have a huge temper.i sometimes cant forgive myself for the things ive done,i am scared of the darkim insecure.i got bulliedi used to use heavy drugs.i wish i could be more beautiful… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    i eat way too much...:/ i think i eat as much as i do because of stress..… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I am pretty excited about that drone thing landing on mars. Personally though, i am slightly nervous and wondering if there is life on that planet. I've always just worried about my world changing around me dramatically. Like a scenario similar to the new batman movie where the underworld swa llows the good. I wonder if anyone has worried about this? Or has had insecurities about our changing world?… [more]