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I love people who love people :) Psych, I just Love People:):):)

I love nature, animals, writing dancing artistry of all sorts, video games, and spirituality. Growing up I always found myself distanced from society. I always felt like there was something wrong with me, then over time, I found out that the majority of society is just absolutely NUTS! and I was one of the few sane ones. Slowly but surely I was coming to the path of enlightenment and now I'm on it. The truth is... There is no spoon!

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I Was An Adventurer

Adventurer I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee! [more]
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    I Am A Professional Dragon Slayer I'm age 23 and I'm a Level 60 Battlemage Breton from deep in the rainforests of New Jersey. I was raised by wolves who called themselves my parents, which was silly because they looked nothing like me… [more]
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    I Think I'm Getting It Down Now! Ok so I figured out that....... LIFE KINDA SUCKS ***!!! No... I knew that already, and it is what you make it and blah blah blah... energy attraction... blah blah blah..... Lemme tell ya:,,,... If lif… [more]