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I Saw An Alien

I saw a being, roughly 10 feet tall, walk off a building that was 16 feet tall. He did not jump off, he did not pause in the middle of this evasive maneuver and bend down to leap. He simply ran... [more]
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  • I Llike to Talk About Philosophy of Life

    So I have concluded that this statement is 100% correct, valid, true, and also makes sense contradictively,(yes I know this isn't a word.) making none at all. This statement is, nothing e… [more]
  • I Think Books Matter And Reading Is Important

    I enjoy reading books to little kids especially exciting ones dealing with fantasy or science fiction and the characters are so dramatic you can ask them out in front of the kids it lights up their wh… [more]
  • I Like to Collect Quotes

    Here's mine for you to add to your collection. "In order to get to it you got to go through it! Yeah, it's true.... It's true" This was said by the amazing musician,… [more]
  • I Why Do A Lot Of Americans Hate Brits

    Glad we don't fit the stereotype here this includes myself. I have never met anybody who is British and can't say that I have anything against them as a people culture country etc., but I don't think … [more]