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About I was born to be an old-fashioned radio DJ! I'm not talking about the announcers you typically hear on the radio these days. They don't usually get to be real DJs. They rarely, if ever, pick the music aired during their shifts. Often, they don't even get to play the songs heard because it is all on computer and played automatically. For a little over 8 years, I have made a weekly, 120-mile round-trip to do a radio show as a volunteer. That's right, I don't get paid to do this show. In fact, I have to be a paid member of public radio KZUM in order to do this show. I driven through snow storms, ice storms, thunder storms, and more. It is worth it all, to me, however. Why? Because, once a week, I get to be a real, honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned DJ and that is what I love to do. Check out the show, sometime. KZUM's "Dr. Rock and the Medicine Show" @! Also check out "Dr. Rock's Medicine Show! @ And, coming very soon, a new "Dr. Rock & the Medicine Show" @ True music variety! The way radio was meant to be! Coming very soon!
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