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I Mascots

Experience I have 5 years of mascoting experience starting from 8th grade to 12th and now that I'm in college I am coaching because I didn't have the ACT to go where there was a mascot program. I now have three... [more]
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    Two Sided
    I have different personalitys what is difficult about it is that I have a hard time controling which one I want to show. To the cheerleaders my highschool I don't talk to them unless needed to, most of the 'popular' people I feel like I can't be myself, but with other mascots and certain people, I am who I want to be. I love to laugh be goofy and speak what is in my mind. I love to dance, I love to improv, I love to workout, I love to be me and not worry what the other person thinks when I know i dont have to. It those I feel like are going to judge me that im not the true me around. How can I stop can I change to where I am me all the time no matter who is around.… [more]