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I Kissed A Guy Who Has A Girlfriend

This Is A Story I Dreamed About I was in college and I was grouped with a guy I used to date in middle school for a science partner. We haven't seen each other in a long time. And when I went to his dorm to study with him we started... [more]
  • I Still In Love With First Love

    First Love I was in 5th grade and there was a boy named Timmy. We have known each other since kindergarten and have like each other ever since then. My parents know Timmy's Parents and we have always been friend… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    A weird dream
    I had a weird dream. I don't know why I had this dream. So here it is. I was 15 and my boyfriend Timmy was moving away to indianda. So he moved and it was 6 years later and I was in the university of Florida (awesome!!!) So my science teacher would send us our 2 science partners dorm room number so I would go there to study for our science class for the rest of the year. I didn't know who I would be partnered with and we had two partners. So I knock on the dorm room door and a guy opened the door when I looked up into his blue eyes and there Timmy was my boyfriend that moved (ex boyfriend) so I walked in still shocked and there was a girl sitting on his bed tht was his knew girlfriend she wa… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I don't know who to chose???
    Ok do I'm in seventh grade and there are two boys who are both really cute. There names are Jackson and Timmy. I will start with Jackson. Jackson is sometimes really sweet but sometimes he's a little rude. Like one time we were in health and he sits at my table and he just throws my binder on the ground and starts laughing. But other times he will stand up for me and listen to me. I met him in 6th grade and we have been friends since then and we always sit with each other at lunch because he is very funny. So then there is Timmy. He is the sweetest guy on the planet ( in my opinion). I have known him for basically all my life. My mom and his dad are in the same AA program and my parents know… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I found out I have scoliosis.
    I had a physical about a week ago and they told me I had scoliosis. I didn't no what it was so I started to cry a little. I was scared so we got an X-ray and they said it was a 6% curve but then I found out 2 people on my street have scoliosis too! I'm 12 btw… [more]