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I Write Poetry

Alone(R) *Note: if you don't like poems that rhyme, you probably won't like this...* 1) Crowded halls Bathroom stalls Friends ain't worth sh*t Video games Who got... [more]
  • I Like Discovering New Music

    One Of My Hobbies :) I love discovering "new" music (or at least it's new to me)! It's really an adventure when I go to the library to look through the racks and racks of cd's. Not many people are familiar with groups suc… [more]
  • I Talk to My Cat

    My Cat Helps Me Through A Tough Day Whenever I don't know who else to turn to, I'll talk to my cat Callie. My "baby girl" really does calm me when the waterworks start up. I can't explain it, but she just knows when I'm upset, and she'l… [more]
  • I Talk to Myself

    Talking To Myself Helps Me Think Whenever I'm alone (or when I think I'm alone), one can always hear me muttering to myself, especially if I'm doing homework. Verbally, I work myself through tough math problems and key anatomy vocabu… [more]