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I Dont Add Pictures To My Profile

This Place Is About Being Anonymous i dont and wont add pictures to my profile. I come here to vent private thoughts and its about anonymity. so i wont take that chance.Im not a sex weirdo its alright if you are thats your life but im... [more]
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  • I Am An Introvert

    Nice Lil Vid^^… [more]
  • I Want to Help People

    A Memory From Thailand we were on holiday when i was 10 and walking down a market street.There was a man holding his hand up to the tourists walking by so i reached into the little purse of coins my mother gave me to buy th… [more]
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    hope faith freedom resolution clenched fists power ambition smilestripping over the cat whn you walk in drunk go to bed and remeber the future… [more]
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    got an email from my dad....
    i sent an email out to my family saying we should keep in touch even though we live in separate countries. I was prepared for my father not replying, but i did not expect what he did replyhe sounded so heartbroken and he sent me a scan of an old schoolbook of mine when i was a kid and explained what hurt him the most in the feels unbearable to even go back to the email to reply ,cant stop tearing up its just so confusing.Because I'm mad that hes still whining about what was "done" to him and i still haven't heard an apology for how his actions effected me. Yet hes my dad and i miss the guy from my childhood memories, but i can never be what he wants me to be. His acceptance of me is … [more]
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    new difference
    there is a change a comin.....good or badit may be different , but its a changetime to join the partywhat you think, or what i think your thinking is NO longer importantwhat i wish i could find in you is wishing life away so time to move oni go a riding off into the sunset… [more]