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I Have An Alcoholic Father

Thank You Note To My Alcholic Father Thank you dad for not giving any good memories of you. Thanks for not being there when we were growing up. Thank you for making my mother cry some much . Thank you for making us... [more]
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  • I Don't Want Kids

    The Big Question I been married for almost 5 years, and the question that my husband and I always get from people is " when are you guys having kids?". Why is so important for people to know when are we having kids?. … [more]
  • I Love My Chocolate Lab

    My Beautifull Kennedy My kennedy is a two years old chocolate lab. We got her when she was two months old . She can be crazy sometimes . However , we love her . She is our baby . She loves water , fetching , running , the … [more]
  • I Have Premonitions That Comes True

    I Had Premonitions All My Life SInce I was a little girl I had premonitions . Sometimes I am  awake when they happen , however the most of my premonotion happen when I am sleep. My dreams are so different when I have… [more]
  • I Love Sunsets and Sunrises

    A Beatifull Day. Every year for my birthday my husband and I take a trip to the beach to see the sunrise . We wake up at 3am and drive for a hour and a half . Just to be on time for the sunrise , and not loose any mom… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    Best friend ?
    One of my husband best friend of almost 20 years is getting married but she didn't invite us. We know we didn't do anything wrong , but she still talk to us like nothing is wrong . My husband is hurt because they know each other since they were kids. What should we do?… [more]