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I am an artist< fine artist of oils metal< sculpting clay and wood. Mainly portrait art. but im also a survivalist and a sword fighter im in Tia chi and tie kwon do. as much as the woods call me and art lives through me, I also cross dress and love to be feminine.

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I Panty Fantasy

These Panties In the photo,...have em : ) [more]
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  • I Steal My Sisters Thongs Without Her Knowing

    Omg No Joke i love stealing her panties!...i have like 2 step sisters and 3 real sisters, so i get a huge mix, its maybe 1 every other month from each but it adds up! lol--non of them have found out that i have, … [more]
  • I Like Taking My Gf's Moms Panties

    Kathy i have six pairs, five i stole. 3 thongs and 3 boy short lacy panties. i used to sneek in her room when she wasnt home, nor my gf, and i would go through her underwear bathjing in her sweet scents and… [more]
  • I Masterbate to My Girlfriends Sister

    She Knows We dated before me and her sister got together and i never had the chance to have sex with her, but almost everyday< i see her, and i talk to her and look at her and i really cant help it. see, i s… [more]
  • I Love To Let Strangers See Up My Skirt

    My Veiws i think your harmless actions turninh men on if not women also is more than admirable but also beautiful. when i was in japan it was a casual thing to find an ******* shot of a nice young lady on stai… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    i had a model photo shoot last night and learned some neat rick on how to work with photo shop. sooooooooo, i played around a bit at school today. I grabed a pic i had of me all dressed up (crossdreassing) pulled it up and started messing with it, i used the patch and brush tools and i gave my slef breasts in the image! i was sorta proud, since im a dude! lol. however a girl came buy her name is daneille< she came over and saw what i was doing and she laphed real hard< like ooober hard!, i was freakign out! i thought people were going to come running. people would see me and laph and ****, and i was like "oh,....****!) daneille kept gigling and i said...."ok you had enouph!..while trying to… [more]