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I Want to Share My Story of My Life Right Now

The Real Me Everyone has their own view on me. Of course this is only because, some know me better than others. One thing I think most people can agree on is that I am genuine, sweet, kind, caring a very loving... [more]
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  • I Still Want Him

    I Still Want You By My Side I still want you by my side Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried … [more]
  • I Have Found My Twin Flame

    He Is Indeed, My Twin Flame I remember the day I met him. It was sometime in late 2008. I was walking down the staircase of the school. When I got to the last staircase I saw my friend and screamed down at her, as I always would… [more]
  • I Can't Stop Thinking About Him

    Thought We Were Meant to Be I rememeber meeting him online. Well I do a twilight roleplaying thing and thats how I met him. The day after we started talking online he gave me his number to text him. We seemed to have con… [more]
  • I Am Losing My Best Friend

    Losing Him Have you ever felt that your entire world has been torn apart? Well I have. People will say that I am too young, but only I can understand the pain that I am feeling right. Today, I have lost one of t… [more]
  • If You Love Some one let them Free...

    Posted on: September 20th, 2009 at 10:54AM

    This being a very well known quote. I have to disagree. in some situations. I mean if that person is not willing to let go or does not love you back then yes set them free. This is because you are only hurting yourself even more by holding on. But in the other case if you know and feel that they love you back. The love is worth holding on to. It is worth fighting for. As long as you two love each other. That person might be stubborn at first, but in some cases they might go into another relationship and realize that it doesn't work for them. In my opinion setting some one free that you loved dearly and know that they love is returned, it just means you're giving up all hope. No one ever said… [more]