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feeling hopeful

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I Had Crush On Teacher

Dream Just gonna put you here, can't be bothered looking for I had a Dream Group.But I did I had a Dream.This morning, and it gave me tears of joy.Them Tears that Remind... [more]
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  • I Believe Ricky Magee Is Miraculous

    Surviving 10 Weeks In Australian Outback... Well, hey...its not my story, its RM's, I find him inspirational, his will to live was so strong. Borrowed a book from library called "Left For Dead", by RM. He was drugged a… [more]
  • I Had Crush On Teacher

    Oh Man...he Was Cute... couldnt stop daydreaming and staring at his butt!!!.....Asked him out on last day, when the course was finished, I had passed all modules, it was done and dusted. This is when the real education start… [more]
  • I Think David Suzuki Is An Utter Genius

    Suzuki...genius.... I agree, lipbloss(love that name). Read all his books a couple of years ago, and loved his style and messages. He has got such a simple style, he makes complex ideas very easy to understa… [more]
  • I Ruined My Relationship

    I Ruined My Relationship.... Why would someone do that?. Well....HE started. Everything was going great...then he pulled away...switched off. He changed. His whole demeanor change. He didnt laugh as much, h… [more]
  • some of the "men" here....

    Posted on: June 28th, 2009 at 7:03AM

    Not "all" but some of the men here-what is up with the questions. Is it all right for my wife to have sex with other men?-I have noticed this at least once a day for the last week. Goddammit if you are married and your skanky wife wants to have sex with other men in front of you-then by all means do it-let her-yes, go for it. I may suggest that a lot of the female species would not like the idea of having sex with anyone but their partners-thats just my opinion from what I have seen here. Like-why is it the husband asking if its ok-not the wife. Maybe you married a bimbo who will do anything you ask of them sexually-cause they dont want to lose you. In my small opinion if you are a real man… [more]


  • blahblahblah

    Posted on: August 11th, 2009 at 7:38PM

    Another not so happy post. WTF is wrong with me-I cannot get MOTIVATED. Here I am on EP again-its a nice day outside-but I'm inside, in front of the computer with the heater on. Have to admit my house is a bat cave-cold and dark. I just dont know what to do with myself-hey isnt that a song?. Am studying 2 days a week but my hearts not in it. Cant get a job cause there are none with suitable hours. Being a single mom aint all its cracked up to be . I have full responsibilty for my 10 yo son-that means 24/7-except when he is at school. I would like to be one of those together people. I would like a job mon-fri 9-5. Get up and have something productive to do. Instead of pottering around my hous… [more]


  • shame

    Posted on: September 8th, 2009 at 5:55PM

    Hi Well-what a shame. Went to my darlings and for the first time my babe couldnt perform-feel like Ive lost something. I suppose I rely on him too much to feel good and now I know what its like to lose something precious-not a nice feeling. He has been working so hard and says he is chronically fatigued. Well we were standing in his living room crying this morning, before I left. Me cause I didnt get exactly what I expected and him cause he couldnt give it to me. A crying shame. Thanks for reading.… [more]


  • first blog

    Posted on: June 2nd, 2009 at 8:21PM

    Hi-this is my first "blog"-not sure exactly what to write. Well I joined a few days ago-have been navigating around the site-asked a question. Lots of different kinds of people around-as in life I suppose. Didnt expect as many sad stories as there are-thought that ppl would write about "happy" experiences only, and keep the rest inside(like I do)-I was wrong. I like that ppl can be "themselves"here, I suppose when you write a blog, or comment, you can expect a lot of different-or unusual responses. There seems to be a lot of dark characters-that are quite the opposite of myself. I do like things "nice"-try to please ppl always, do the right thing and help them if they ask me. So thank you fo… [more]