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Mew!!!! I\'m a cat Therian.... But I am mostly cat <br /><br />
Once you know me better, I\'m fun to be around. I love to chase mice, and eat fish. My Humans are idiots. They named me Blue. All the little kids try to pet me, I hiss. I scratch and take cat naps. I love to meow. And chase meow toy mouse. Mew!!! ^.^ I\'m Blue Cut.. Call Me Blue Moon... ^.^

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I Am a Therian

Well, A Cat Therian..... ^.^ So...... I'm a cat therian. Silver Tabby specifically. I found my spirit animal and discovered I was a therian at 7. I had suddenly realized I was slowly developing. I began to meow, hiss, and purr. I... [more]
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    My Story.. Still 12. I love to act like a cat. My friends sometimes pet me. I have a white ribbon with a bell. I always go outside at Midnight with a party outfit on.... I meow and I hear a meow back.. I love Ca… [more]
  • I Act Like a Cat

    Meow.... Being a cat is nice. My friend and I were watching some people play 4Square. I couldn't resist seeing that ball mock me.. So I started to meow and my friend looked at me and said "You're becoming a ca… [more]
  • I Wear A Collar

    Cat Collar... Meow I wear a cat collar. Its blue and has a bell. I always wear it no matter what. I meow when it jingles. I'm not ashamed of wearing It.… [more]
  • I Cut My Wrist, It Makes The Pain Go Away

    Knife I cut. My arms and my wrists. Blood running down my arms. I feel I deserve all the pain. I've cut since 3rd Grade. When I take the blade, it runs through my skin, losing blood. I have been to th… [more]