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I Love Final Fantasy 13

Xiii-2  preordered and have played it and its amazing :O sure it has a weak story and a few issues here and there but its a great game :3 the main/secret ending is one I've been waiting forever for from a... [more]
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  • I Wtk What Rosario Vampire Character You Are

    What Rosario+vampire Character Are You? Gin  you are outgoing optimistic and have a thing for the ladies you tend to put yourself in bad situations yet your know your place and a natural leader and a good friend .… [more]
  • I Love Rosario Vampire

    Hells Yeah. granted ive only read the manga, but really isn't that better. no filler, or anything like that. plus the artwork is just inceredible. especially when characters are first introduced. also the storyli… [more]
  • I Collect Manga

    Manga I love manga! i have all 47 naruto, 30 bleach 11 rosario vampire 16 d gray man that have been published. plus all of deathnote its just so addicting. … [more]
  • I Don't Give a Damn About What You Think of Me

    Its True.. i dont care. never have never will. i feel. let people think as they will, its how I feel that should matter most to me. let everyone keep their biases, stereotypes, and judgements in their heads. the… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    relationships and trust
    it happened about two months ago but it still bugs me.. i dated this girl for two months march till may for claritys sake. and throught that time i wasnt happy. i was borderline depressed again. i had lows and sunk into blue more often than treading grey, if anyone understands my reference to impulse. at any rate, no matter what i did i was falling two steps further behind every day. i didnt even get a step forwards. it was all trust. nothing i ever did would make her trust me more. she never did. she always accused me of cheating, which isnt true. i cant help it if i make better friends with girls and if they were the only ones willing to help me. i delt with a similar situation once before… [more]