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I Im Confused

Is It Bad To Be With A Much Younger Guy Im a supervisor in a Plastic Manufacturing...there's a new batch of employees and one of them is a 25 yr old guy which I grew fond with..He's been always the underdog being new on the job he was... [more]
  • I Am Sad

    Just Life Seems So Lonely For Me Since I'm handling all my problems alone..I'm an only child and my father and mother are all busy to be with me...when i grew up and lived with the one I love..hes irresponsible and in the e… [more]
  • I Get Too Attached to People

    The Teachers Who Touched My Life I have many favorite teachers to say thank you to..My 1st grade teacher Mrs. Crystal..for seeing my potential..nurturing it..and giving me love that i lack coz my mama is always working... then my Mus… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Being Deeply Serious All the Time

    I Maybe Jolly In The Outside But Inside I'm Hiding The True Me Friends see me as a jolly person..people see me that way too..coz I always smile when people around me jokes around...but I'm hiding the true me..Once I get inside my room..things become… [more]
  • I Am Sad

    I'm Sad Today Been in this particular chatroom since when i had an operation...during my healing period Ive come there to chat and just make friends..Ive chatted with a 22yr old dutch guy from amsterdam..first i ig… [more]
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    Lonely times
    Been alone for almost 3yrs now..after me and my daughters father separate our ways i havent been with a man before..I have someone I've been dating before but I know were just meant to be friends..I havent been in love like i used to be..and that makes me lonely..did I lose the ability to love??I'm happy with my daughter and taking care of my parents...but sometimes when I'm feeling low and tired of all the problems that i encounter in my life..I've sometimes wish to just be in the arms of someone I love..not for anything else but..just feeling that someone is there for me..loving me...and always there to be my comfort and I to him...… [more]