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I Am Struggling To Keep Myself Together

Still Staying Strong............. Almost two years ago my wife left me and filed for divorce. I had a difficult time getting through this but with the help of my friends on EP I made it through. I also was able to help some people... [more]
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  • I Going Through a Divorce, Right Now

    Had The First 4 Way Meeting I arrived early and so did my wife.  Suck in a tiny room with a women the i still love but I can see feels uncomfortable sitting here with me.  Small talk started by me and the rest of the time we e… [more]
  • I Am Getting a Divorce

    So, It Continues My divorce continues on.  I love my children so much.  I'm trying to do what's best for them.  I want equal time with them.  I want equal residential custody.  I am not a perfect father, but try … [more]
  • I Am Asking You to Please Pray For Me

    Lost, So Lost.............................. I need someone to pray for me. This whole divorce mess continues on and drains the life out of me. I need to be strong for my children and myself but it is taking its toll. My mind is racing and I … [more]
  • I Going Through a Divorce, Right Now

    I Don't Want This To End................ 10 weeks ago my wife took my children and with a note on the table for me to read when i got home from work, and left.  We talk only about the children.  She doesn't want to go to counseling.  I al… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I was worried this divorce would change me into someone I am not.......
    I was afraid this divorce would harden me and make me bitter, but it hasn't.  She has done so many things to make me hate her and I don't.  I know this divorce hasn't changed who I am because after I met her to pick up my children, I realized that I still adore her..............................… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I still don't want this.............
    I still don't want this divorce.  But if it is the only way to make you happy, then i must give it to you.  As I look over the possessions that we have, i feel sorrow, not for losing or giving up these possessions but the memory behind them.  I have not only lost you, but my dream of happily ever after.  I hate that you can't even talk to me about real issues.  I hate that I'm not only losing you as my wife, I'm losing you as my best friend..........I may not have to say it today, but I will in time............goodbye my love.......................… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    They all want to know what is going on, once they know some fad away. Others remain and really help you through the thick of it. And yet others who weren't that close, step in and really help you out. The ones that remain and the ones that step in really define the meaning of friendship. Through good times and bad times they are there to support you in anyway they can. Thank God for my friends.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    the little things........................
    I try to be so strong and on the outside it seems that I am. But inside I'm still not as strong as I should be. i still have my moments, but the little things that people do for me go a long way. These little things brighten my gloomiest day. They make me smile. They make me, if only for a short period of time, me again. Thank you to everyone that has helped me and are still helping me through this rough spot in my life. And don't forget the little things you do have a big impact. Thank you again, michael… [more]