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I have desires and aspirations. Not looking for a mate, just friends.

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Favorite Quote If it ain't broke, don't fix it
  • a little French (Parisian)
  • and a little Native American (Apache)
  • and a little American
Vices Beautiful eyes, necks, tobacco
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Sagittarius
Special day 11-27
Books anything by Stephen King, Dean Koonz, and Peter Straub
Music Classical, Rock, some country, some rap
Movies Sci-Fi, Horror, time travel, Batman Returns, Drag me to Hell, Star Wars, The Professional, Transformers...
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I Like to Write Erotica

A Real Blowjob... You kiss me on the lips, slowly and gently… I open my mouth and probe your lips with my tongue… You taste so sweet! You kiss me back – then you pull away and tell me that tonight is for me... [more]
MichaelDuMaine has shared 8 Mature Experiences
  • I Could Sit and Stare At the Ocean All Day

    Sitting On The Dock When I was younger (likealmost 30 years ago) we lived in Coos Bay, Oregon.  My step-father couldn't get a job, in a sense.  He supported us by taking us out on the docks, and loading crab ne… [more]
  • I Feel Awkward On the Phone

    I'm Afraid To Talk On The Phone I have always been afraid to talk on the phone.  I get this kind-of-sick  feeling in my stomach every time I hear the phone ring, and I have always let it ring until someone leaves a message… [more]
  • I Cry During Sad Movies

    Hachi: A Dog's Story The saddest movie, I saw it tonight.  It's a true story about an Akita dog named Hachiko who loved his master so much, that the man got on a train one day and he never came back, because he died.  H… [more]
  • I Am A New Age Vampyre

    Female Vampyres I found this online, it is a copy and paste, not my own original work. FEMALE VAMPIRES What can be said about the dark romantic gothic female Vampyre, except, embrace me!....… [more]