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I Pray everyone on here find the Peace and Love of the Lord through Jesus Christ!!!!

My Bio: A few years out of college and I'm still unsure what to do. Its also hard finding a full time job these days and I battle a lot of mental and emotional issues and have a hard time staying motivated and focused and driven over something which makes it even harder finding work. If you read my stories it gives a great idea of my mental hardships! But now I'm battling all those bad stories and fighting a victorious hard life through Jesus Strength! There were many times where I was lost and in wallows and droughts of suffering!!! Now i choose to battle it through renewing my mind in the Bible, worship, and prayer! I'm still not perfect and those past experiences are knocking on my door but God is good and justifies me through His son.

In my free time i like to play sports, i like dialoguing on this website, and making new friends... I'm can be sort of a loner, sometimes i have a hard time being socially interactive in real life but i am extremely personable and like to help or listen if you need. And I'm also sorta new here soo add me if u wanna chat and make a real, genuine friend =)
In addition to chatting on here i like to skype with new and old friends. So add me on skype: mcmctherealmc, send a message, write on my whiteboard or add me to your circle!!!!

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I Battle Depression

My Past Problem, Can You Relate? I've been battling depression, ADD, both ever since i can remember. I never characterized it or realized what hell i had been going through thinking everyone has been through what i had been through... [more]
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  • I Have A Hard Time Speaking Clearly

    Hard Time Thinking And Speaking Clearly My mind fumbles a lot and i mean a lot on what its going to say. I don't even think i make sense when i speak. maybe its my adhd? anxiety? sometimes a lot of energy runs through my mind that i can't … [more]
  • I Can't Concentrate

    Everything Is A Blur... Concentrating.. Thinking.. Is Hard For Me Ever since i can remember that would be 1st grade, i noticed how hard it was for me in school: memorizing in school, giving speeches its all a blur; My brain feels like that even most of the time when… [more]
  • I Am Mentally Tortured A Lot

    My Mentally Tortured Brain I find that when i am not busy my mind slowly gets bored or isolated from life. It begins to feel negative replaying bad experiences or worries and i get emotionally and mentally overwhelmed. Everyone… [more]
  • I Am Having a Quarter-life Crisis

    I Am Trying To Find My Career... I am going through the quarter life crisis stage where you are trying to figure out what to do with your life and be financial and emotionally stable and independent. I don't know what to do with my l… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    My Anti-Social Loneliness
    I want to have just a few close friends. Whenever I am around people I prefer to be off to myself because I have nothing i want to talk about. I just get anxious and slowly feel like I want to get away but by withdrawning and being away from everyone, the social situation feels even worse. I want to be with someone where silence doesn't necessarily equal ackwardness because somehow their presences is enough to make me happy and maybe once i feel this way slowly I will open up and have something I want to talk about.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Adhd that's what they like to call me But that doesn't mean I got no personality So much friction molecules in motion Porriage and new age new revolution Got my ten page report with no medical ports Got a reasoning of a ten year old I ain't a dork Slow motion for me slow motion for me slow motion for me moving slow motion for me… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    overwhelmed fml
    my mind gets overwhelmed trying to think positive. it would rather nap which feels good but after you wake up its the same battle and expierence. i don't want to go to work my employees are verbally abusive and condescending i am just working to stay busy i hope i get some call backs from the places i want to volunteer at, hopefully it will be better… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I don't like to argue with people and get verbally abused
    I am not a type of person that likes to yell or argue with people. As with human nature, everyone is always looking for ways to get ahead and take advantage of people. Even when i do feel like something has to be said i say it in such a soft tone because I can't handle arguing or yelling or having my emotions out of control cus that would happen if i complained to someone about mistreatment. I have a hard time arguing for my self-worth? This can sometimes leave me with a lot of anger inside which can lead to a lot of other things like depression and isolation and anxiety and a clouded discouraged mind.… [more]