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I am a Female who has Epilepsy and lives with a roomate who has Epilepsy herself. I work M-F, and have been Married and Divorced once. I am shy and quiet, have one pet, who is a kitten. I like chatting online and am a person who is non-racist and I am a person who belives in God, and does not go to church. I do not have any children, but I love kids. I don't like guns and do not like violence. I do not drink, smoke or do an illegal drugs. I have short dirty/bonde hair and do belive that cleany ness is next to godly ness. Never messy nad always have been. I do belive in relationships that are one man and one woman, and do not like relationships that are abusive. I like long lasting relationships, and do believe that you should take things slowly before you get to know one another. I do like to watch movies and go out on dates and I do not watch telivision, but I do watch it every once in awhile. <br /><br />
I like loud music, mostly alternative rock and the 80's music. I am 5'8 and am a person who has a few extra pounds and is comfortable with my weight, and do like men who are my same height and who have a few extra pound as well. I like camping and fishing, and do not like hunting. I like traveling, and do not drive myself, and never have had a license to drive because of epilepsy. I do have seizures but most of them are at night when sleeping. I do believe that life is a gift and it sould not be wasted.

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