Male , 22-25
Feeling nostalgic
from the ashes the pheonix springs....nah nevermind I am back but currently getting over...the flu. Hope you remember me like I remember you

My favorite self description would be that I am a "nerdy cowboy"
I live on a farm, yet will talk about logic in the Star Trek universe, probably while playing Kingdom Hearts with a goat in my lap.
I have a strong sense of honor, and justice (hence me want to be a cop)
I hold logic above everything, including myself. While I act in full accordance with the law, I do have my own beliefs, which are all based on what is logical (not like Spock, emotions are logical, it is unreasonable to think otherwise (reason not always being logical, but it is in this description))

I get carried away, talking or typing its all the same, I can go on and on and on.
so I MUST apologize for any and all paragraphs/pages/books I write just from reading one sentance or thinking a simple thought
(nothing ever stays simple with me, I LOVE complications, almost as much as I love a hard challenge, physically or mentally)
um I forgot what else I was actually PLANNING on saying....
Im 5'5"
athletic (love moving, love working out, im not just athletic, im like super fast, super strong, and tottally invincible(ok not really invincible, just a high pain tolerance...which sucks because I don't know when I burn myself...which I constantly do...))
intelligent (This is an opinion, but an opinion others have shared with me)
Wise (another shared opinion)
and tottally awesome! (not an opinion, this is a friggin fact!)
I have a heightened sense of hearing...which sucks...horribly...
Im like super super man! not really, im a little further from being perfect, haha, still human (darn)
I also have literally no fear of death...which may be why I am always hurt somehow...

I have been labeled a "hopeless romantic" whatever the crap that means... (No does that mean?)
I loved to read(I find it hard to read anymore...Raistlin isnt in anymore series....sigh the Dragonlance books are the best in the world...and Raistlin was the ultimate secret good guy! (okay so he was evil big deal...he was evil in a good way!)
Total final fantasy nerd here.
have played 1-10, 8,7,9 were my that order

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Favorite Quote just one?
  • a little Mexican
  • and a little German
  • and a little Irish
Politics Moderate
Horoscope Gemini
Special day 6-17
Books Dragonlance/brothers in arms...
Music mostly country, but also anything else, while nothing that is Christian rock/gospel, and i hate most rap songs.
Movies dont really have a favorite...
Local Time July 28th, 11:22 AM

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