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I am part black part asian, and very proud of that. Feel free to add me
*if you are willing to hav sex with minors... DONT ADD!!Perverts should die of the worst death,

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  • a little Jamaican
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I Will Answer Anything You Dare To Ask

Ask Me Annnnything You Wanna Know! I think people are scared to ask me questions on ep... I'm okay with letting anyone know about what I think. Aske me anything you want to know even dum stuff like my weight! Lol [more]
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  • I Remember When I First Came to Ep

    My Friend, Luvstotouch :) I remember my first ep friend, his username is luvstotouch. I'm not going to share his real name though. He was such a sweet person, I remember not even having a pic up and he still was super nice to … [more]
  • I Won't Be Adding Everyone Who Fans Me

    Take It Personally... If you are old and looking for a sex chat.... Don't add me If you are willing to have sex with minors..... Don't add me If you don't like the things I'm for... Don't add me if you h… [more]
  • I Am Uncool

    True True I'vie always been...diff rent. I remember being home schooled and studying 15 hours a day on school work, that's why I have back problems now haha Okay okay, I graduated HS at 16 but I'm a wreck. I do… [more]
  • I Want the Patriot Act Abolished

    Are You Serious? Woooow... Lets just have the drug dealers take over America, have some more terrorist kill our women and children, and have all hell runin loose. You people are the most dumb, unpatriotic, inept peopl… [more]