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I A Bucket Of Sunbeams

You and me have been feeling gloomy lately. So here's my wish for you. I am sending you a big bucket of Sunbeams. You would be seated outside. Suddenly music would begin to play and the Sunbeams... [more]
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  • I Am a Mother

    Mom Ran Away With The Milkman My son was about 7 when this incident happened. For years whenever he'd come home home he would call out to me " HONEY I'M HOME WHERE ARE YOU?" I would reply "MOM'S NOT HERE SHE RAN AWAY WITH THE MILK… [more]
  • I Like to Cook

    The Screaming Turkey~ A Funny Story I'm a good cook. Naturally my family comes to my house for feasts & holiday meals. At this time my home was a modular home. The kitchen was divided by a counter that separated the livingroom from the … [more]
  • I Am a Mother

    Rodneys Bath~ When Rodney was real young, like 3 or 4 years old he hated to take a bath. Typical boy stuff. I told him to go get ready to have his bath. Then I got busy~ suddenly it occured to me it was awfully qui… [more]
  • I Have Psychic Experiences

    Transported To Another Time The family was gathered for a visit at one sisters house. We decided to go to a local Flea Market. The place was huge. It had to cover at least a 2 block area. It was divided into sections. There was… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Mamma knows best
     My Momma was a wise woman. As she got older she became more Sassy & brassy. She did give me some great advise that I appreciate now that I am older. How to deal with men:::::::: she said:::::: GET EM' YOUNG      TREAT EM' ROUGH     TELL EM' NOTHING.      When I stopped laughing I realized the wisdom of her words.   lol    mini… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    Hoover ate my Sons girlfriends hair~ it sucks
        My son & his girlfriend were living with me . We all got along well. One day we were cleaning house. G/F decided to vacuum the rug in their room. She did a through job. She decided to run the vac. under the bed. The bed sat sorta low down so she put her head on the floor to guide the vac. Baaaaaad move. She had long shoulder length hair. The next thing we heard was yelling OMG OMG HELP OMG MY HAIR!!!!  The vaccuum had swollowed up a huge hunk of her hair.She couldn't pull the plug or reach up to shut it off. Someone grabbed the plug & cut the power.We backed her out.Now how do we undo her head (hair) from the vacuum? We took the roller off and untangled as much of her hair as we could wi… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

               Before I tell the story I need to give you some facts. All my life I have been told I have "Lovely Eyelashes". I'm not bragging it is a fact. Next I do not drink anything alcoholic. I just don't like the taste. Also I get really silly if I do ingest anything alcoholic. I have gotten high on brandy extract---but that is another confession.   Ok here is the story.      Years ago I had a terrible cold. I took 2 cold tablets as directed. They weren't helping. Someone suggested I take some Alka-Seltzer cold medicine. So I did. Big mistake. It was a total overdose for me. I got really silly drunk. I made my way into the bathroom. There was a mirror on the wall. I began looking at my ref… [more]