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If it weren't so awful hot outside---- I'd sit out there and blow beautiful soap bubbles. The colors make me smile.

I see your sarcasm and raise you some sass!

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I Ewe Said A Mouth Full

I am one of those persons who does not think the word Fat need be an insult. I have been told I qualify as obese. Thus, I have developed as it were- a thick skin to remarks about my weight that are... [more]
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    Mom Ran Away With The Milkman My son was about 7 when this incident happened. For years whenever he'd come home home he would call out to me " HONEY I'M HOME WHERE ARE YOU?" I would reply "MOM'S NOT HERE SHE RAN AWAY WITH THE MILK… [more]
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    The Screaming Turkey~ A Funny Story I'm a good cook. Naturally my family comes to my house for feasts & holiday meals. At this time my home was a modular home. The kitchen was divided by a counter that separated the livingroom from the … [more]
  • I Am a Mother

    Rodneys Bath~ When Rodney was real young, like 3 or 4 years old he hated to take a bath. Typical boy stuff. I told him to go get ready to have his bath. Then I got busy~ suddenly it occured to me it was awfully qui… [more]
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    Transported To Another Time The family was gathered for a visit at one sisters house. We decided to go to a local Flea Market. The place was huge. It had to cover at least a 2 block area. It was divided into sections. There was… [more]