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I Have a Cluttered Mind and Am Lost In the Fog

How To Concentrate??? i feel like i can't think right anymore. i literally feel like my head is clogged up. maybe i am stressed out or depressed. but i want to get out of it. how do i do that? any advise [more]
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  • I Ended a Friendship

    Friendships Are Overrated i have always cherished my friendships. not once have i had any argument with a friend. my ego never came in the way. but now i feel like i was wrong to believe that friendship is based on mutual l… [more]
  • I Am a Medical Student

    What Am I Doing Here? i am in almost in my 4th year. i m away from my family and sometimes i just dont understand why i chose this hectic profession. since i was a child i was fascinated by doctors and well that's al i rem… [more]
  • I Want to Know Your First Memory As a Child

    A Rocking Horse I had always thought it was a very realiistic dream until i asked my mother. i remember clean white tiles and being held by my dad. i was probably 2 and a half. i remember feeling agitated and my dad … [more]
  • I Want a Group of True Friends

    What Friendship Means To Me All my life i've been surrounded by great friends. I moved alot when i was a child but still managed to make great friends. though as i grew older it started getting hard. now i live away from my par… [more]