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I'm 16 years old and I live in the Açores, Portugal, and I have left-wing, democratic and environmental views. I am an agnostic leaning towards atheism. I'm a communist, but not one of those who support regimes like North Korea and dictators like Stalin who disrespected Human Rights. I'm an environmentalist but I'm not a vegan, because I believe in a mixed agricultural system in which the animals eat wasted products and things we can't digest, instead of producing crops specifically for animals or not having farm animals at all. I believe that sustainable agriculture, space exploration, renewable energy, the Internet and multiculturalism are the five pillars to ensure mankind's development throughout the ages.
I'm from the Açores (Portugal) and, like most of the people here, I have Continental Portuguese, Spanish, English, Flemish, Celtic, Jewish, Irish and a little bit of African and possibly Asian ancestry.
I'm not homossexual but I support homossexual rights.
Finally, I'm also interested in aviation and flight simulation.

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Favorite Quote "fazei a virtude sem necessidade e será maior virtude." ("be virtuous without necessity and you will be more virtuous.") - António Vieira
  • 100% Portuguese (Azorian)
  • and a little Portuguese
  • and a little Spanish
  • and a little Flemish
  • and a little Celtic
  • and a little English
  • and a little Jewish
  • and a little Irish
Vices Former Coca-Cola and chocolate addicted
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Books Physics of the Impossible
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