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Who I am can not be sumed up with words, who i am is defined by the actions i take in everday situations and the love and kindness i try to spread throughout the world

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Favorite Quote life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain
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I Have a Confession

Yea, so this is the third confession i have written that is generally the same thing.. The thoughts are back.. suicide is fresh in my brain.. Worse now then ever before..... i don't know what to do... [more]
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  • I Masturbated In School

    What Is.. Classwork O.0 Teachers always game us time to do our homework, cause.. basketball was big at my school and my entire class (except for me) played on the team.. I was the nerd, so.. i was always done first.. so.. al… [more]
  • I Have Met People On Adult Friend Finder

    Such A Joke Yea,¬†we had been talking for quiet some time... finally decided "Why not"..... you know... its never good if you have to think to yourself "is it in yet????"... When he isn't even big enough to strok… [more]
  • I Remember My First Time

    Our Eyes Met.... the earth siezed to spin, the troubles of the world melted.. peace filled this world for that split second... Her eyes sent a feeling through me that i have never felt before.. i gasped for air as i r… [more]
  • I Have Met People On Adult Friend Finder

    Another Man Ok, so my first experiance with AFF wasn't worth it.. but.. Lucky number 2 is more then just worth it.. Ladies (and men who it may concern) This wonderful man not only has a charming personality.. he … [more]
  • Is this for real?

    Posted on: April 7th, 2011 at 8:01PM

    He popped up on Ok Cupid, and, normally i skip over most men, cause.. i thought i was looking for a women... but.. i read his profile, and.. was automatically drawn in.. he replyed with "you will never like me"... puzzled, i was now determined to show him i was different... eventually i convinced him to talk to me on skype..... first messgae there was "you won't like me".. o yea? TRY ME.. hehe... after he explained why he thought i would never like him, i surprised him with the response, "well, i like all those things to" .. i believe his very next words were "i love you".. hehe... so we talked..for hours.. i mean.. from 11 am till.. o idk.. like 8 at night.... hehe.. :) it was amazing.. i h… [more]


  • Is it?

    Posted on: November 2nd, 2010 at 11:22PM

    Love? so i have kissed tons of people.. but.. that feeling.. that undeniable o my freaking god feeling.. i am not going to say its love.. maybe its just, my heart wanting to feel something.. but why only her? y not the others.. y not anyone else.. ...the kiss. my heart stopped, it dropped from my body.. the breath sucked from my lungs.. my body trembling as i lay lifeless.. almost dead.. the need for more longing....all i need to say is.... what is this feeling? should i chase it.. or should i let it run free... because the long to hold her in my arms burns more then it ever has.. the butterflys have never exsisted before that moment when our skin first touched.. i actually think i could dea… [more]


  • Who Are You?

    Posted on: December 7th, 2010 at 1:35PM

    Thats what every person in this world should be saying to me.. No one knows who I am.. no body knows what I like, what i feel, no one knows my secrets, my demons.. I am a nobody to everyone... Even if i would want to shouw you who i am... well... i can't show you.. Im trapped... locked inside.... chained up... living off of nothing but dreams that i will never reach.... Sad don't you think? I do.. maybe i'm wrong, maybe someday i will get what i want... but, try to convince myself of that.. thats impossible... i can't do anything right... I know.. i'm pathetic.. I'm worthless.. i can't even think positive of myself... whats the point of trying? I crave nothing more then the kiss of a razorbl… [more]


  • Hello Ohio

    Posted on: May 9th, 2011 at 7:42AM

    Well, Im slowly in the process of moving to Ohio with Benjamin.... Yea, kinda Quick, but... 1.. mom will KILL me when she finds out what i have, 2. i hate living with my parents still.. and 3. i don't see anything going wrong in this relationship.... yea, so he is a little older then me, age is a number, Live for today not tomorrow... We get along so well.. and, Since he isn't very dominate.. i don;t have to argue when im right anyway... and i since i am also submissive, i have the balls to admit I'm wrong..... Not to mention he loves all the same things as me, and... i get to be the little homemaker i always wanted to be... and.. in bed.. yea.. im finallly satisified with just one person ;)… [more]