Feeling ashamed
Trying to work with a time management textbook. Can't finish off the last steps needed to figure out what I want and how I can get that...

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    Night Sweep
    Sometimes, I hope that there's a place I can visit. A bar that's completely full of people. Everyone though feels lonely, but has a story to tell. These people are unique and beautiful in their own way, but are simply passing by. I may never see these people again, and yet being with them is like living life at it's best. It is always night at this bar, but no one's scared. An ideal little world.… [more]
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    I keep wondering what could I have said to make you feel better? I know you mentioned to me that Kevin left you as a friend after you told him you weren't interested in a relationship. But this isn't about what I said is it? It's about the childish way I acted. I started to get distant with you with every burden I started to unload on you, and it wasn't fair. But I needed someone that I could relate to and empathize with. I was selfish though and I didn't always pay attention to your concerns when you voiced them and I started treating you less like a friend and more like a stranger. I knew our friendship was ending, so I decided to cut you free by asking you out. I know it was how your last… [more]
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    Alright, this was something I had on my mind ever since I made you cry. I just wanted to say that back then I was a jerk. A pretty sorry sight for a loser. If I could, I'd travel back in time and kick my own *** for being such an arrogant person (for lack of a more appropriate-yet-censored word). I know you said you didn't want to participate in class, and I'm sorry for trying to force you to participate. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking and I know that doesn't make it right, but I'm so sorry. I hope your talents as an artist are helping you live life to the fullest. I love you as a friend and I'm sorry for any pain I caused you as a kid. I hope you're living life well and to it's full… [more]
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    Hey, yeah so this on the spur of the moment. I was thinking about you for a bit. I just wanted to tell you that when we were in elementary school that I thought you were one of the prettiest girls and that I thought you were nice too even though you didn't have to be. I kind of regret not being confident enough to approach you and talk about stuff with you, but I hope that wherever you are that you're happy and in good hands.… [more]