Female , 13-15
Feeling calm
- I Guess .

Tamia | 13 | Pansexual | Rapper | Singer/Song Writer | Poet | Performer | Self-Harmer | Nymphomaniac | Single

Looking For A Way Out of Reality.
Music Became My Only escape, And It Helped Make Me Stronger and Better.
After All The Hardships of Life, Music Became an Entity of Self Rejuvenation and It Is Now My Passion.
I Grew Up Around A Lot of Rappers, Singers , And Poets So I Get My Inspiration From Past Experiences And The World Around Me.
Living My Life As A Chick On My Way To Greater Things.

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  • a little Cuban
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Horoscope Aquarius
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Books Black Beauty, Hunger Games,
Music Rap, Rock, Classical, All Around :)
Movies 8 Mile,
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