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About I am a Female who is Twenty One. Who rocks Skinny Jeans and Vans, The daily is Makeup and Tease of the Hair,"Keeps it Thug Style", Gives the most Amazing Hugs. Lives in the best Suburb known to Man, Chats on the Interweb too much, Listens to the music loud enough for everyone to hear, Changes Default and Songs a great number of times, Looks better in person, Speaks with an Alabama accent, Talks on the Phone constantly, Has Perverted Friends who are full of Charm and Wit, Dances in the Florida Rain. Is random at times, Favorite Pick Up line is "Bang Me" as You can Tell.I can be a Huge Nightmare. I can be too Sensitive. I cry over Stupid things. I’m scared of being Hurt, But I have the Bravest Heart. I can be a Mess sometimes. I can be Annoying. I sometimes blame everyone else but myself. But, Im always here when you need me. Sometimes, I can be hard to understand and there are times when Im really needy and I need attention. When it comes to Relationships I can be selfish about sharing. I let people walk all over me. I cant trust anyone easily. I get hurt easily. I think too much.I’m just scared, But I can also see the Good in People. I love my Family more than anything. I never take anything for granted. I love to Smile and I love to make People Smile. I see Beauty everywhere I go. I'm honest. I am caring, And when I love, I love with a Passion. I think about others before Myself. I try to be a Good Friend, A Good Person. I do the best I can under my Circumstances.And I dont care what they think anymore, Just the ones I love and care about. If I could fix this, I would, Even if that meant me being unhappy. Im not perfect, And I realize who I am, Good and Bad. I try to avoid the Bad, But that’s easier said than done. But you’ve seen me, All of me, And its up to you if Im worth it or not.
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Favorite Quote “f you're not in love with a soldier, you can't know adventure. You don't know smelly gray PT uniforms that require a daily washing. You can't understa”
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Music Hinder, Nickelback, Taylor Swift, Usher, Kesha
Movies Letters to Juliet, Dear John, The Marine, The Marine, A Marine Story, Tangled
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