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determined, sarcastic,
If i were to describe myself as a person in 1 paragraph.
Then i wouldn't be worth meeting. Yes i am bisexual.
I know how to make people smile & laugh,basically it's what I'm good at.
I'm not a ***** like most girls my age.
My tolerance for drama & bullshit is extremely low.
I get along better with guys than I do with girls.
People try to tear me up, but I don't let it bother me.
I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of peoples mouths.
I keep a lot of things to myself. It's how I choose to live.
People that love attention **** me off.
I try to turn the bad things into something good.
Im very blunt & straightforward.
I've learned it doesn't help to cry about everything,
or hurt yourself over stupid little things.
I keep in mind you have to start small with life & learn to crawl before you can walk.
& that cutting yourself won't solve anything.
I understand that people do stuff they regret,
& you can in no way hold that against them.
Want my trust?
Earn it.
It wont be easy.
Believe me.

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I Don't Care If Your Gay Or Straight Or Bi

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