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I Always Wanted to Be a Girl

As noted previously, I've recently dropped all shameful secrecy, worry, and self-conflict, beginning more freely to express the Prissy-Sissy alter-ego or facet of my psyche, in whatever simple little... [more]
  • I Want to Become a Living Doll

    My Corset Training! MY CORSET TRAINING nightly as I sleep 1. Lay the opened corset on the bed so I can eventually lace it around me. 2. Don a plain black cotton top, opaque black ti… [more]
  • I Want to Become a Living Doll

    Against All Possible Irony And Mockery I have decided I shall proudly live up to the name “Miss Prissy Prim.” I wish to begin transforming myself into a veritable icon of sweetly old-fashioned, wholesomely, adamantly feminine elegance,… [more]
  • I Plan To Dress Up In Suits And Ties Even More Than Now

    I Have Found Home Sweet Home X:D For three years I have been devoutly soaking all my pretty white things every day in good thick boiled starch paste! Frilly blouses, high collars, sweetly old-fashioned petticoats, bonnets, and bow ti… [more]
  • I All Boys Should Curtsy

    How I Was Taught I was taught that a truly excellent and proper curtsy consists of six stages:1) Preliminary pose (Ultra-formal, strictly at attention, with extra-bright smile and white gloves clasped)2) F… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I Accept Reality (at Long Last)
    I, Watt, am reintegrating with my heart's Secret Princess, "Miss Prissy Prim;" though passionate, this is NOT cheap eroticism! I carry white gloves with me now, and practice my mincing ladylike steps when I can, to remind me how I enjoy wearing a lovely beaming smile and practicing my best manners. The result, I find, is that I engage with the general public much more healthfully than from my long-time habitual pose, a sour old hippie with hidden closet-dreams. I still love that old-time ROCKnROLL and George Carlin... and there's nothing wrong with a nice curtsey as I say "Thank you!" For three days now, I have successfully defused any and all "WTF?" glances — and responded to Queer-Friendly… [more]