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I Would Love To Teach In An Old-Fashioned Charm School

Rules for Men Now Enrolled as Beginner Ballerina-Boys:  1. No such thing as a smile that is too big and bold; the wider you can stretch your lips and the more teeth you can display, the more... [more]
  • I Want to Become a Living Doll

    My Corset Training! MY CORSET TRAINING nightly as I sleep 1. Lay the opened corset on the bed so I can eventually lace it around me. 2. Don a plain black cotton top, opaque black ti… [more]
  • I Want to Become a Living Doll

    Against All Possible Irony And Mockery I have decided I shall proudly live up to the name “Miss Prissy Prim.” I wish to begin transforming myself into a veritable icon of sweetly old-fashioned, wholesomely, adamantly feminine elegance,… [more]
  • I Plan To Dress Up In Suits And Ties Even More Than Now

    I Have Found Home Sweet Home X:D For three years I have been devoutly soaking all my pretty white things every day in good thick boiled starch paste! Frilly blouses, high collars, sweetly old-fashioned petticoats, bonnets, and bow ti… [more]
  • I All Boys Should Curtsy

    How I Was Taught I was taught that a truly excellent and proper curtsy consists of six stages:1) Preliminary pose (Ultra-formal, strictly at attention, with extra-bright smile and white gloves clasped)2) F… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I want to cocoon and butterfly!
    I NEED TO ESCAPE! I can't stand all the dreadful news in all the big real world any more! Here in this TG-friendly town, I have been dressing in black male clothes but clasping my hands in little white gloves and practicing my mincing little ladylike steps, as if a nice girdle's garters were pulling my thighs virginally together, gently placing one foot with its heel precisely centered in front of the other's pointed big toe, as in old-fashioned charm school, floating along while my hips swivel most daintily, just enough so this would make starched stiff lacy petticoats sing with constant bristling, bobbing and fussing and pouting all around me, glorious white lace caught up in pink ribbons … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I Accept Reality (at Long Last)
    I, Watt, am reintegrating with my heart's Secret Princess, "Miss Prissy Prim;" though passionate, this is NOT cheap eroticism! I carry white gloves with me now, and practice my mincing ladylike steps when I can, to remind me how I enjoy wearing a lovely beaming smile and practicing my best manners. The result, I find, is that I engage with the general public much more healthfully than from my long-time habitual pose, a sour old hippie with hidden closet-dreams. I still love that old-time ROCKnROLL and George Carlin... and there's nothing wrong with a nice curtsey as I say "Thank you!" For three days now, I have successfully defused any and all "WTF?" glances — and responded to Queer-Friendly… [more]