Female , 22-25

Just a simple girl....and a boy...and another boy...and another boy...and another get the point.....I love vampires...rock music, movies, outdoorsy stuff, gaming (right now im addicted to Saints Row the Third), art, and making jewelry

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Favorite Quote He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man
  • a little American Indian
Vices Too many or none at all. Depends on how you look at it :)
Politics Conservative
Horoscope Cancer
Special day 7-16
Books Too many to list
Music Rock....Classical...Dubbsteeeep....Anything dark and sensual
Movies Is there space to list a thousand movies or so?
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I Have a Confession

For some reason unknown to me, i literally HATE the consumption of alcohol. I have met some nice people in my life....and i have also told those nice people to screw off once i found out they like to... [more]
  • I Have Dissociative Identity Disorder

    Anybody As Full As I Am? Lol Hello i am living with 19 alters...some good...some bad...and i really would like to talk to somebody else who has them...its really awkward for me to talk about this but i figure if im going to this … [more]