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I'm a fun lovin 20something, getting happily married in december.

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  • 100% American
  • and 100% Jewish
  • and a little Polish
  • and a little Russian
Vices trying to quit cigarettes
Politics Anarchist
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Books anything but grisham and clancy
Music alternative, metal, anything but country or rap
Movies Spaceballs, Fallen, and The Crow
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I Blacked Out Today For No Reason

It Happened Again i was itting at another friend's house, and i kind of slumped in my chair. i felt little pinpricks in my head when i woke up, but this time i remember nothing. [more]
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  • I Like Vampires

    To Be Honest, I'm Obsessed With Vampires I am about the biggest vampire fan/believer there is. I am a very avid reader and I have read just about everything on vampires there is. I play/storytell the game(VTM); I own everything Anne Rice has… [more]
  • I My Husband Can Be Really Insensitive

    Emotionally Handicapped No, really. That's not an ironic turn of phrase. Where most other humans have 64 base emotions, he has 12. He really cannot empathize, though he tries. He's a good man, but he just doesn't understa… [more]
  • I Hate My Past

    They Say The Past Is The Past... They say you should forget about it. It's in the past, it can't hurt you anymore. That is a bald-faced lie. Our pasts make us who we are. It is what we have been through that teaches us things and mak… [more]
  • I Smoke Pot Every Day

    Inhaled Inspiration I am an artist, and I smoke as much pot as i can get my hands on.  It hasn't been every day lately, as everyone can get huge amounts, but not the little bit that i can afford here and there, so even … [more]