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You'll either love or loathe me for who I am. Most people who really do know me love me. :)

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I Will Not Desert My Friends When They Are In Pain

Not A Chance Only soul sucking jerks do such things. True friends do not leave one-another to corrode into nothingness. When my friends need me, and even when they don't, I will be around for them. Loyalty... [more]
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  • I Support Gay Rights

    I Support the Rights of Homosexual People Having been exposed to homosexuality since before I can remember is one of the best things that I believe has ever happened to me. My mom and dad have a gay friend whom, ov… [more]
  • I Am Pro Choice

    Who Do You Think You Are ... to tell me what I can do with my body and my future? Just because you believe that a grouping of cells is a human being does not give you the right to act rashly… [more]
  • I Have Cerebral Palsy

    I Do And I'm spastic and my voice is weird sounding and my back is curved due to lumbar lordsis. It hurts constantly. I spasm a lot. It sucks. I deal with it. I can and will use this to help p… [more]
  • I Believe That Science Has a Dark Side

    Truly Dark  I wrote this opinion for my high school newspaper. It contains some dark humor.  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… [more]