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Hi everyone!:)I'm a Malaysian chinese and nice to meet you all.I like to laugh a lot but when things gone wrong,it's pretty difficult to laugh or even smile:D

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I Hate Fake Friends

I Dislike Them!! I Hate Fake Friends! Get Lost, Pretenders... Guess what?? I've been treating my friends well enough than i can ever imagine,accompanying them when they're feeling upset or when something else happen, and be their listeners whenever they need it... [more]
  • I Lost Myself Somewhere Along the Way

    I'm Feeling Lost I'm the same as you because i really don't know who I am right now...I don't know how am I supposed to find myself back and started feeling scare to walk alone in life...There's no one wit… [more]
  • I Love My Family

    Beloved Family ≪3 I love my family and there's no doubt to that!:) They're always the ones whom i love the most.They're always the ones who are there for me,care for me and love me the most!Without them,i won't b… [more]
  • I Need Hope In My Life

    Need A Hope In My Life ... I felt as if there's no more hope in my life.Feeling helpless,yet there's nothing I can do.Everytime when I woke up in the morning,I'm feeling listless and sometimes,depressed.Keep wondering w… [more]
  • I Am Depressed and Want Someone to Talk to I'm Here

    I'm Not Sure If I'm Having Depression.. I'm feeling confused...Seems like there's no more light in my life...I can't see anything...loneliness make me feel depressed..I'm not longer knowing who I am...Feeling as if there's no one with me...… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Realizing the fact i found in myself.
    Few days ago,I've been with my friends in a trip as I was having school holidays.Now,I'm at home ,listening songs and reminiscing about the past.Only then I realized a fact about myself which I,myself won't even admit it.I found out that even though I wanted to have friends and always try to be nice towards everyone,in fact,I won't and don't have those friends.Kind of confused,huh?Well,what I meant about the fact I've been talking about myself is that I can't bring myself close to anyone.I always wonder why people seemed to have a lot of friends and that great bonds exist between them even though they don't have a good personality and attitude or even though they only get to know each other.… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I love Super Junior!^_^
    Well,i'm a malaysian chinese and i love Super Junior.They are friendly,nice towards everyone and have close relationship with each of their members.They have nice songs too and i love it:)I'm very happy when i just think of them and i really hope that i can meet face to face with Super Junior members.안녕하세요.저는 홍웬디 입니다.전 말레이시아 중국어 입니다.난 한국어 조금 할수있어요.I will try my best to learn korean language for Super Junior^_^그리고,난 동해오빠와 얘기하고싶어요.동해오빠,날 기다려^_^ I really hope that i can eat with 동해오빠 and tell him that he is not alone because i'll be waiting for him.I hope that 동해오빠 will know that i'm here in this world as well.동해오빠,thank you for being here in this world and i'm happy that we're actually in the … [more]