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I Want You to Write a Ten Word Story

..and if in silence I find solace, you; I find home. [more]
  • I 'm A Boy Who Wants To Model Girls Clothes Infront Of Females

    I want to be the first male Victoria's Secret Angel. It's about time something like this desire I have, became a reality. I mean; if Andrej Pejic could model for a lingerie company, why can't I (okay,… [more]
  • I Am Gay and Want to Have a Boyfriend

    I was hoping there'd be more redemption through explanation, rather than just people straight-up whoring themselves out. But hey; to each their own. Let me just get a couple of things str… [more]
  • I Am Gay and Want to Have a Boyfriend

    Okay, let me just wh*re myself out a little. So, I'm looking to meet a guy around the ages of 18 to 30. You don't have to live in my city or even my country n_n I just want to get to know more people,… [more]
  • I Wanna Run Away From Home

    I want somewhere to go to because home no longer exists and neither does my soul. There is only so much pain my heart can take, and I worry that the longer I stay under this roof the greater the agony… [more]