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I Like Anime

Play football, go home watch anime, work on college homework, back to anime. [more]
  • I Lost Someone Important to Me

    I sat with GG when no one else there on the morning they called us to come over; things were getting worse. It's takes her a while to breath about five seconds before she inhales and then quickly exha… [more]
  • I Have Very Vivid Dreams

    When I was younger I had nightmares. All kinds of nightmares like I would be flying and it would be great and then I giant would catch me and squeeze me to death. That one was always bad cause I could… [more]
  • I Enjoy Helping Others

    I'm 19 and I own a non profit organization. I started it to help out the community and people that I see need help. It gets difficult with funds and volunteers but this Is something I truly love to do… [more]
  • I Have Family Problems

    My sisters and I are mixed but come to find out my moms dad was a part of the KKK. Needless to say we don't go on camping trips with him.… [more]