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I Have a Confession

 I dont care what anyone's view of this is.. or opinion regarding this matter.  But I want to confess that I am MADLY in love with a man who happens to be 44. I myself, am... [more]
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  • I Have Found My Soulmate

    No Need To Search Further . . .  I know who it is : 100% This is sooooooo good, but at the same time it has a bad tone. I feel life has placed a cruel trick in my life. He is everything I would ever want in a man, in… [more]
  • I Gave Up My True Love

    ... Imprinted In My Soul Long distance relationships are hard - no doubt about it. And I have experienced it first hand. So many obstacles come into the way, and I saw them as "tests" for our relationship. .... But sometimes… [more]
  • I Love Nimbus123

    It Is What It Is.............. ........... time has passed, and well, i'm happy to see what I see upon logging back into this profile after quite a long time. I feel even better with my decision, and choice. I knew giv… [more]
  • I Was In An Online Relationship That Ended Horribly

    1 Rotten Apple To Spoil The Bunch... we shall name him "T". • He was 5 years older, he was really handsome, caring, confident ..etc. He was never good at dedicating time towards me. making timw for chats, or phone calls. He… [more]