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About What is there to say? I have had my ups and downs. Now I'm trying to live for me and no one else. This is me take me as I am or keep walking. No man will ever lay a Hand on me or play me as a fool. I am a strong and independent women who will stand up for what I believe in. Mess with me, shame on you. Mess with my family, may God have mercy on your soul. Most people probably will write how the have the best man in the whole world in this section. I use to have that written here. Yeah I have someone new, but I'm not sure what I want anymore. I have been ripped to shreads by my ex and now I'm learning how to live again. Time will tell all. What's meant to be will happen. And I know God has a reasoning behind every encounter that we may endure. What that reason may be, we may never know. All I know is that I am proud of who I am and what I stand for. I'm ready to conquer the world my style. Just hope the world is ready for the real me.
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