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    No insurance dilemma
    Just when things started to look good again, I had managed to get a job as a professional delivery driver of pizzas. On my 3rd day I crashed my car and my insurance company paid out. As a result I have lost this car....and my insurance, as I paid the yearly rate in a lump sum. I now have a new car with the payout, but unfortunately no tax or insurance as I can't afford it. I can only afford it if I start doing deliveries again.… [more]
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    I wanted the plane to crash
    On the way back from our honeymoon, it dawned on me while sitting in silence and anger next to it, that maybe if our plane crashed it would 't be such a bad thing afterall. What the @@@@ had i got myself into. I loved my life when I was single. How had it came to this? No wonder the "marriage" only lasted 4 months.… [more]
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    I love smoking weed.
    This is my confession. I love the weed. Had my first toke around 11 years ago and been smoking  daily for the last 7-8 years. I literally can't remember a time in this period where I have gone more than a day without a toke. Bongs, skunk, hash, buckets, cakes, pipes, you name it. Everyone has a vice, weed is mine. But I don't see it like that, I see it as a social hobby.… [more]
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    I got my cousin a beating
    When we were kids. I was about 11ish and my cousin was around 6/7. My mum bought a brand new sewing machine and a took a compass and scratched it on the silver dial. Not out of malice, but to see if it would did. Many times. I pinned the blame on my younger cousin who was visiting that day and watched my mum beat him.… [more]