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ive gone through alot in my life and ive made more than my fair share of mistakes but i dont let my problems define me and i keep learning and becoming a better person.

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  • a little Scandinavian
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I Have a Confession

My eating disorder and self injury have gotten out of hand. ive gone from just merely cutting to burning myself badly. so i'm getting sent to Treatment and it scares me. i don't know what it will be... [more]
  • I Am So Ugly

    I Hate Myself Today my mom announced she was taking me and my brother to the pool. So I made an excuse not to go but she forced me to go. I had to get into my bathingsuit. I hate my body. Looking at mySelf in the m… [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    It Creeps Up On Me it never leaves it lays lurking in the shadows waiting for me to give in. It Makes me angry and I crave the feel of metal on my skin I long for the sight of blood. I feel like a freak no matter how ha… [more]
  • I Have Crushes On Fictitious Characters

    Evil Women Are Always The Hottest My fictitious crushes are all evil women. Lol this list is my evil hot as hell crushes with one exception. The only crush I have on a not evil character is Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. Here is al… [more]
  • I Might Be a Lesbian

    I'm Confused. Up until last year I always thought I like boys cuz that's what my mom had always told me was right. I had never hated lesbians and gays but my dad had left my mom for a guy so she had made him look l… [more]